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  Why Choose MaintScape?  
  To summarize, MaintScape is an excellent CMMS choice because it is powerful and yet easy to use, has complete functionality at a reasonable price, and offers support that is second to none.

MaintScape is designed to let you work your way, not a "MaintScape way":

  • Tasks can be done in different sequences and concurrently with each other. For example, you do not have to stop working on one work order when you must divert to another work order or service request.

  • You can easily link from one part of the program to another - just like navigating this web site. For example, you can jump from a work order to the work order's equipment record, to the equipment's maintenance history, to another work order for the equipment, to contact information for the contractor who completed the work.



Our customers tell us:

  • Because of its power, flexibility and consistency, their appreciation of MaintScape grows more and more over time.

  • Our support is top notch - both in terms of response time and quality.

  • MaintScape's functionality compares well with much more expensive CMMS programs. Some of these customers replaced more expensive CMMS programs with MaintScape.



Because of its consistency, MaintScape is self-teaching once you know the very few key principles of operation.



You can save money with MaintScape's reasonable one-time license fee and low annual support versus high ongoing transaction/subscription fees charged by hosted application alternatives. Once dependent on a hosted application, you could have difficulty controlling or eliminating the large recurring costs.



MaintScape flexibility and ease of use is leveraged by consistently using and interconnecting two major types of windows:

  • Powerful search windows for finding records and performing bulk actions.

  • Detail windows for viewing, editing and taking action on individual records.

  • Very few windows prevent you from doing anything else while they are open.


  Why Choose this CMMS

The following features are unique to MaintScape or unique in the way MaintScape implements them:

  • MaintScape Explorer View - a tree structure of your plants, facilities and equipment along with completely configurable details for any selection.

  • MaintScape Collections - An arbitrary list of MaintScape items or queries to either keep for yourself or easily communicate with others.

  • Today’s Status dashboard – At-a-glance statistics such as number of active work orders, work orders coming due, and overdue work orders. You can easily drill down from the statistic to its component list, and from there to any listed item.

  • MaintScape drag-and-drop labor scheduler - Sophisticated tool for assigning and balancing labor hours.



MaintScape is designed to have multiple windows active at a time, all cooperating with each other. Benefits include:

  • Increased productivity as you are switching between windows rather than constantly opening and closing windows. This savings is especially pronounced when you run on a slow network.

  • You do not have to stop working on one work order when you suddenly need to view or work on another.

  • This type of productivity is extremely difficult to achieve in a web application.