Services MaintScape CMMS

Our assistance brings value to new customers, longtime customers, and all customers in between. We will work with you to create a cost-effective plan to deliver the high level of benefits that MaintScape offers - and that you expect. This plan will choose from any combination of the following options:

• Software Training
• Data Conversion & Import
• Data Administration
• Setup Partnering
• Consulting

Software Training

Training can be conducted either remotely or on-site.  We recommend that training focuses on the primary MaintScape users who will set up your data and processes. With our support, the trained primary users can bring other users up to speed in exactly the processes they need to know.

Remote Training

Remote Training

Most of our training is done remotely using web meeting technology. We can view our customers' MaintScape screens from our offices and guide them through the steps needed to meet their objectives. We recommend training sessions of no more than 1 hour, and focus on a particular MaintScape usage at a time. Trainees are strongly encouraged to apply the training between sessions, and the next session starts by reviewing what  the trainee has done. We then move on to the the next MaintScape usage.

All training tasks are practical and are geared towards building and working real production data. The sessions are scheduled on an as needed basis, although we strongly recommend maintaining momentum and keeping the interval between sessions short. Training costs are very reasonable, and billed by the quarter hour only for the time that is used.

On-Site Training

On-Site Training

We can also come onsite for formal training courses. On-site training starts from a training tutorial, and then is focused on analyzing your specific data setup and operational needs, starting the MaintScape implementation of these needs, and making sure you are in position to succeed when the training is done.

The standard course is 3 days, however this can vary based on specific needs.  Fees for on-site training are based on a daily rate for the trainer, and not the number of students.

Data Conversion & Import

We regularly help new customers convert data from virtually any source into MaintScape. The data can come from another CMMS package, a home-grown database, or files such as Excel spreadsheets. This saves hours of data entry, and prevents data entry errors that are virtually inevitable. The steps are as follows:

Data Import

Data Import

We write database scripts to first import your data as-is into temporary staging database tables, then to analyze and verify your data, and finally to copy your data correctly into MaintScape database structures.

Data Analysis

Analysis & Verification

The analysis and verification steps provides unique opportunities to identify and clean up data problems. The net result is usually data that is higher quality than what our customer started with.

Final Conversion

Final Conversion

Because our data conversion efforts center on the data manipulation scripts, we can accept resubmitted data at any time up until the agreed final conversion. This, too, maximizes the quality of the end result.

We can save existing customers hours of data entry work by importing bulk data, such as equipment or parts, into a MaintScape database that is already in use. Our process is very similar to an initial data conversion, except we add steps to accommodate overlap with data items already in your MaintScape database. Examples of when this may be useful:

• You may want MaintScape to start managing maintenance at one of your plants that up-until-now used another CMMS program.

• You may want to import a catalogue of parts from a major vendor.

Data Administration

People often wish they had made different setup choices when initially configuring their computer systems. Similarly, circumstances may change such that configurations that were once reasonable no longer fit. Data administration exercises can fix both of these situations.

Data Administration

Some administration activities may be performed by customers directly within MaintScape, and others require our assistance. We do bulk data administration work quickly using database scripts, similar to what we do for data conversion and import projects. Therefore, you may wish to ask for our assistance with activities that you could do yourself simply to save resources and time.

Examples that apply to MaintScape include:

• Change or simplify any set of reference codes such as cost accounts.

• Change set of locations and their relationships that represent your facilities or parts rooms.

• Change naming conventions for records such as equipment or parts.

• Any other form of data cleanup.

Set Up Partnering

To help ensure clients get off to a smooth start, our training focuses on data setup. We can be as integral a part of the full setup phase as you want, and will customize a partnership to suit your needs.

Set Up Partnering

Every CMMS package, MaintScape included, requires data setup before benefits can be realized. For example, you need equipment, procedures, and maintenance schedules before you can manage your preventive maintenance. And to set up these items, you further need supporting data such as locations, cost accounts, staff, contractors, vendors, parts, etc. This can be a lot of work!

More knowledge and experience is required to set up any CMMS than to keep one running. Although training helps significantly, customers implementing a new CMMS will not have as much knowledge and experience in the early stages as they will later. This could create the potential for problems early on and we want to help you to avoid that.‍


Any type of customized personal assistance that is neither standard training nor support falls under the umbrella of MaintScape consulting. For example:

• Initial data setup partnering.

• Post-implementation custom training to expand and/or reinforce MaintScape skills.

• Analyze your existing MaintScape usage versus your requirements, subsequently recommending improved courses of action.

• You can outsource MaintScape related activities to us that you do not have resources to perform internally. Typically these would be one-time setup or administrative activities rather than daily operational activities.