CMMS Maintenance & Facilities Management Software

✓ Track assets, locations, maintenance histories and costs
✓ Ensure maintenance gets done when it is needed
✓ Optimize labor utilization
✓ Manage inventory and purchasing

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MaintScape CMMS
No monthly fees!
Start saving on your CMMS Software and get unlimited and unmatched support and all upgrades for a modest annual support fee.

What Our Customers Are Saying

MaintScape is a pleasure to use. It does a great job of organizing and tracking our Maintenance activities without over-complicating the process.

Darren Rice
Altagas - Joffre

MaintScape has become the most important tool we employ in daily operations. With more than 100 locations requiring operating consistency, it would be impossible without MaintScape.

Greg Martin
Challenger Enterprises

Other than MaintScape being an incredibly versatile package, the support is outstanding. I was really impressed when one of my suggestions actually made it to the next build!

Matt Cawson
Atlas EPS

Both us and our customers have experienced MaintScape ease of use, robustness and reliability. Whenever one of our customers has required some special function or feature, Grand Ravine's response has been prompt, effective and affordable.

Juan Anderson
Contec Ltda.

MaintScape is a valuable tool. It helps us track various types of information that helps keep our maintenance program in line with guidelines that need to be followed. The support group is always quick to help with any questions and/or problems.

Nancy Price
Dot Foods

MaintScape is a cost effective solution for our CMMS needs.

Andrew Leeming
Fredericton International Airport

The program is very easy to set up and start using, and offers many enhancements to streamline projects as well as routine maintenance.

Joe Kumanchik
Anthro Corporation

The experience I’ve had with the GrandRavine software and staff have been exceptional. Over the past 6 years I have used most options/applications available with the software and have become very comfortable using the system.

Alicia King
Koch Foods

What is MaintScape?

The CMMS maintenance software that helps you get your maintenance done properly and on time.


Simple, Flexible, and Powerful.

MaintScape is a easy-to-use, powerful and surprisingly affordable CMMS application for maintenance, facilities and asset management in companies large and small.

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Trusted by a Wide Range of Businesses & Organizations.

We work with companies around the globe in a wide variety of fields. MaintScape is advantageous and accessible no matter your industry and size.

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One Time License Fee

One-Time License Fee.
No Monthly Costs.

Why pay-to-play? Start saving on your CMMS software and get unmatched support with no additional upgrade fees.

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Enhanced CMMS


Continually Enhanced and Updated Since 1996

MaintScape has been continually enhanced since its first release in 1996, expanding in functionality and evolving with advancing technology. We have grown with businesses and learned from our customers, building software updates recommended by them, making the day to day maintenance chores easier and more efficient for numerous businesses in a wide variety of industries.

Customized Solutions


Unmatched Support and Tailored Services

Phone calls are almost always picked up immediately by a highly knowledgeable representative. When not possible, we always respond to messages very promptly, including to email requests, and are regularly complimented for this (should there be any other way?). You will not get a run-around, or an unknowledgeable agent.

We provide custom, tailored, and cost effective services to new and existing customers such as: Data import and setup automation, Data administration and cleanup, custom inquiry and reporting, and custom interfaces and add-ons.  Most MaintScape enhancements come from customer requests.

All software upgrades are included as part of your annual MaintScape support – there are no additional upgrade charges.

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Core Modules

Maintscape core modules

Powerful Maintenance Management Automation

MaintScape core modules are delivered with every MaintScape license, and are more than enough for very sophisticated maintenance management automation.

Simple and powerful CMMS software that increases efficiency and improves resource planning. Work order management, maintenance schedules and procedures, parts and facilities management, MaintScape does it all.

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Optional Modules

Maintscape optional modules

Custom Solutions For Your Industry

If you need additional CMMS features and applications, MaintScape optional modules include: bar coding, multi-site database management, service requests, and much more.

Optional modules are licensed separately from the core modules and can be acquired at any time. There is no price penalty for acquiring these modules after acquiring the initial MaintScape license.

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Easy to Convert!

Import your data from virtually any source effortlessly. Our analysis and verification process offers unique opportunities to identify and clean up any data problems. We are with you from start to finish, making the process seamless!

MaintScape Advantages

the maintscape advantages

CMMS That Lets You Do More, For Less.

MaintScape's powerful, flexible, and continuously updated software lets you focus on the tasks at hand with no monthly fees!

Increase productivity with an easy-to-use and customizable CMMS package, specifically designed to fit your business needs. A start-up support period of 4 months comes with each new license.

We would be honored for an opportunity to bring these benefits to you!