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CMMS Partnering

GrandRavine Software provides unique opportunities to identify and clean up data problems, including those our customers thought they were stuck with forever. Read more about how we can save you hours of work by helping with your data conversion and importing.

  To help ensure clients get off to a smooth start, our training course focuses on data setup. We can be as integral a part of the full setup phase as you want, and will customize a partnership to suit your needs.

Every CMMS package, MaintScape included, requires data setup before benefits can be realized. For example, you need equipment, procedures, and maintenance schedules before you can manage your preventive maintenance. And to set up these items, you further need supporting data such as locations, cost accounts, staff, contractors, vendors, parts, etc. This can be a lot of work!

More knowledge and experience is required to set up any CMMS than to keep one running. Although training helps significantly, customers implementing a new CMMS will not have as much knowledge and experience in the early stages as they will later. This could create the potential for problems early on and we want to help you to avoid that.

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