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GrandRavine Software is the parent company of MaintScape, supporting and continually evolving and enhancing this powerful CMMS software world wide from our base in Ottawa, Canada. GrandRavine Software Limited
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MaintScape support:

  • A start-up support period of 4 months comes with each new license. Afterwards annual support is available for 15% of the license cost per year.
  • Annual support entitles you to unlimited access to technical support by phone or email, and all available upgrades. There are no further upgrade fees. Upgrades are typically released every 6 to 9 months.
  • Your annual support subscription fee does not increase with time - it changes only if you upgrade your license.



MaintScape core modules are very comprehensive, and include:

    • Work Orders
    • Equipment
    • Maintenance Schedules and Procedures
    • Parts
    • MaintScape Explorer with Locations and Part Locations
    • MaintScape Today's Status
    • Staff
    • External Resources
    • Reporting
    • MaintScape Collections
    • System Administration and Security
    • Meters and Measurements



MaintScape optional modules can be acquired at any time for the same cost, and include:

    • Multi-Site
    • Parts Inventory Control
    • Purchasing
    • Service Requests
    • Drag-and-Drop Labor Scheduler
    • Bar Coding
    • Calibration
    • Predictive Maintenance
    • Text Renaming
    • Multi-Currency



MaintScape is a general purpose Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) for plant and facility maintenance, asset management and calibration.



MaintScape has evolved and been continually enhanced ever since its first release in 1996.



MaintScape is used by a very diverse range of businesses and organizations around the world. Please see 'Who's Using MaintScape?'



MaintScape's simple and consistent design makes it easy to use, flexible and powerful.



The same MaintScape program can run either on a single workstation or as a client-server application across a network. Wide audience functionality is available through the MaintScapeWeb web application.



MaintScape is an industrial strength computer system with data managed and protected by a fully relational and transactional data base management system.



MaintScape is available in Spanish. MaintScape's multi-language capability allows it to be translated into other languages with minimal effort and upkeep.



The MaintScape multi-site optional module supports multiple sites within a database where some data is shared (e.g. parts) and other data is partitioned (e.g. equipment, work orders).



MaintScape licenses are priced by:

  • Number of concurrent users - I.e. number of users logged on to MaintScape at any one time.
  • Lower priced licenses are available to small shops that can accept 100, 200 or 400 equipment limits (otherwise there is no equipment limit).
  • Optional modules selected.
  • Number of sites when the multi-site optional module is enabled.