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  Features — Optional Modules    
  MaintScape optional modules are licensed separately from the core modules. Optional modules can be acquired in any combination at any time - there is no price penalty for acquiring these modules after acquiring the initial MaintScape license.

Optional modules are listed below:
  Professional Version

The MaintScape professional version adds support for: attachments, sending email, and user defined fields. This module is only optional for MaintScape running on a single computer. It is always included when MaintScape runs over a network.

Separate locations within your company or organization can share the same MaintScape database. Some data is partitioned between sites - for example: equipment, work orders. Other data is shared between sites - for example: parts, code tables, procedures. MaintScape users can be configured to work with data at their own site, a selected group of sites, or all sites (e.g. for consolidated reporting).
  Parts Inventory Control

Parts Inventory Control MaintScape can track inventory quantities of selected parts at designated part locations. Inventory quantities include: on hand, committed, available, minimum, maximum. All inventory quantity changes are supported by permanent and auditable transaction records.

MaintScape identifies parts that need to be procured and can then create purchase requisitions and/or purchase orders for these parts or any other items. Purchase requisition items can be turned into purchase order items, and receiving can be done directly from the PR or PO. When the parts inventory control optional module is enabled, receiving inventory controlled parts adds to inventory. Any of PRs, POs, and Parts Inventory are fully integrated when enabled. Invoices can also be recorded against POs.
  Service Requests

Service requests are requests for maintenance, usually by people outside the maintenance department. Service requests can be turned into work orders as required. Since service requests may be submitted by people who do not otherwise need MaintScape, MaintScape has a web browser application for submitting service requests and reviewing their status.
  Drag and
Drop Labor Scheduler

This powerful work assignment tool lets you drag and drop unassigned hours to a craftsman or contractor, and also drag and drop assigned hours from one craftsman or contractor to another. Customizable color coding indicates varying work loads.
  Bar Coding

Print bar code labels, and perform the following actions with supported bar code scanners: assign parts to work orders, receive parts, count parts inventory, direct issue parts from inventory. The parts inventory control optional module is required for the last two actions.

Special calibration work order supports "as found" and "as left" conditions for operability and in-tolerance, and recording of calibration instruments and their readings. Forward/reverse traceability reports and calibration certificates are also supported.
  Predictive Maintenance

Readings and maintenance events are imported into MaintScape via a special batch interface. Work orders are created if any of the imported data trigger predictive maintenance rules.
  Text Renaming

MaintScape terminology can be renamed - for example, "craftsman" to "technician."  MaintScape messages can be modified as well. This functionality is also used to translate MaintScape into other languages.
(Spanish is presently supported)
  Multiple Currency

Parts can be ordered and received in currencies other than the home currency.