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  Support — MaintScape Enhancements  

MaintScape is continually evolving and being enhanced. Features added are a mix of customer requests and our best determination. Any functionality added to MaintScape at the request of one customer becomes part of the MaintScape product for all customers so you can realize the input of companies like yours looking to improve their CMMS capabilities. All enhancements are free as part of your annual MaintScape support.

At GrandRavine Software we maintain a prioritized queue of features to add to MaintScape, and always add our customer requests as they come in. Priorities are determined by assessing how valuable the enhancement would be to our general customer base and to the competitiveness of MaintScape. Sometimes a requested enhancement is of higher priority to a particular customer than it is to our other customers and the market. We may then offer to do the enhancement quicker on a partial consulting basis where the customer pays a nominal amount. The amount is usually less than our cost of developing the feature, and depends on the value of this feature to others.


  CMMS Enhancements