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  Services — Data Conversion and Import  
  Many of our new customers choose MaintScape to replace another CMMS package or a home-grown database. In either case, many further ask us to convert their existing data into MaintScape. This saves them many hours of data entry, and prevents data entry errors that are virtually inevitable.

GrandRavine Software has become very effective and efficient at importing data from virtually any source into MaintScape. We write database scripts to first import your data as-is into temporary staging database tables, then to analyze and verify your data, and finally to copy your data correctly into MaintScape database structures. The analysis and verification steps provides unique opportunities to identify and clean up data problems, including those our new customers thought they were stuck with forever. The net result is usually data that is higher quality than what our customer started with.

Because our data conversion efforts center on the data manipulation scripts, we can accept resubmitted data at any time up until the agreed final conversion. This, too, maximizes the quality of the end result.

  CMMS Data Conversion

In addition to initial data conversions, GrandRavine Software can save customers hours of data entry work by importing bulk data into a MaintScape database that is already in use. For example, you may want your MaintScape installation to start managing maintenance at one of your plants that up-until-now used another CMMS program. We can help you import data such as equipment and parts into your existing MaintScape database. Our process is very similar to an initial data conversion, except we add steps to accommodate overlap with data items already existing in your MaintScape database.