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  Customer Comments  

"Cost effective solution for our CMMS needs."

Andrew Leeming
Fredericton International Airport

"As a national forklift maintenance provider, our customers depend on Challenger’s assistance to keep their rolling stock operating at an efficient and cost-effective level. Planning and recordkeeping are critical to our ability to deliver superior results. GrandRavine Software’s, MaintScape, has become the most important tool we employ in daily operations.

With more that 100 locations requiring operating consistency, it would be impossible without MaintScape. For more than nine years we have appreciated your support and the product enhancements that you have provided.

The continually enhanced software has allowed us to change with the dynamic requirements of our customers. MaintScape has proven to be an indispensable management information tool that allows us to operate with consistency.

GrandRavine Software has proven to be a dependable partner in our growthand we look forward to many more years of success together."

Greg Martin
Challenger Enterprises


"CONTEC is an IT consulting company which has been a Maintenance Management solutions provider for over 15 years. After trying several other softwares, we chose MaintScape as our CMMS platform and for the last 10 years have been building solutions based on it and are fully satisfied with the results of our decision.

Both us and our customers have experienced MaintScape ease of use, robustness and reliability. Whenever one of our customers has required some special function or feature, Grand Ravine's response has been prompt, effective and affordable."

Juan Anderson
Contec Ltda.



"After evaluating several maintenance software packages, MaintScape is the choice for Anthro Corporation. The program is very easy to set up and start using and offers many enhancements to streamline projects as well as routine maintenance."

Joe Kumanchik
Anthro Corporation



"MaintScape is a pleasure to use. It does a great job of organizing and tracking our Maintenance activities without over-complicating the process. Over the past 8 years Administration and software maintenance have been minimal which has made it a very cost effective tool for our Plants."

Darren Rice
Altagas - Joffre



"We were very careful selecting a maintenance software program that would not only enhance our organization but be a value added offering for our clients. We found that when we selected MaintScape from GrandRavine Software. From our first installation we have found the software to be comprehensive, powerful, easy to use, with excellent technical support and meaningful upgrades. Our success has and will continue to be influenced by the contributions of GrandRavine Software."

Doug Edwards
Challenger Enterprises



“The experience I’ve had with the GrandRavine software and staff have been exceptional. Over the past 6 years I have used most options/applications available with the software and have become very comfortable using the system. Any questions I have presented have been answered promptly and with detailed explanation. The web conferences help me understand or answer any questions I may have. The level of communication I receive and the knowledge that is shared with me is by far the reason I feel comfortable using the system. I have a great respect for the staff.”

Alicia King
Koch Foods


  Two customers happy with MaintScape CMMS


"Comparing the MaintScape package against others, I have to say that MaintScape support is far superior to others. I was a little bit skeptical at first, going from a larger software company to a seemingly smaller one, but the support benefits have definitely put me at ease. With the larger companies, I never knew who I was going to get when I called for help. They didn't know my company, let alone my name. When I call you for support you know all of the company history and the level that I'm at so you can quickly help me through problems. Other than MaintScape being an incredibly versatile package, the support is outstanding. I was really impressed when one of my suggestions actually made it to the next build!"

Matt Cawson
Atlas EPS



"MaintScape is my most valuable tool in managing daily manufacturing equipment operations of a world class manufacturing site. I would not otherwise be able to support the reliability of thousands of pieces of equipment. The ability to project manpower, schedule preventive maintenance & calibrations, and track machine history are invaluable to the success of our reliability centered maintenance program.

GrandRavine Software has given me the highest level of support, understanding my needs and creating dolutions.

I would recommend MaintScape cause it works. This is a fluid enterprise application that is easy to use at all levels enabling us to support our equipment needs."

Robert Becker, CPMM
Lead Mfg Equipment Maintenance Specialist



"Our experience with MaintScape in Cumming and Gainesville has been very positive. It has been easy to pick up the navigation, and the ability to download information to Excel files has been useful. Response to requests for support has been prompt, and the use of web meetings has been useful to resolve issues."

Preston Denton
Koch Foods



"We are very happy with the program and the support is terrific. At the Harmattan Gas Plant we have over 3,000 pieces of equipment in our MaintScape database and over 1,000 task procedures on our PM schedule. I find MaintScape is an easy program to use and it makes setting up schedules quick and effortless."

Willy Reimert
Altagas - Harmattan


"MaintScape is a valuable tool.  It helps us track various types of information that helps keep our maintenance program in line with guidelines that need to be followed.  The support group is always quick to help with any questions and/or problems we have arise."

Nancy Price
Dot Foods