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  Features — Core Modules    
  MaintScape core modules are delivered with every MaintScape license, and are more than enough for very sophisticated maintenance management automation. Many of our customers do not require optional modules.

Core modules are listed below:
  CMMS Work OrdersWork Orders

Work orders are at the core of maintenance management software. MaintScape work orders maintain either equipment or locations (i.e. facilities), and are created either manually or automatically. Work orders are created automatically from the maintenance schedule core module and the predictive maintenance optional module. Work orders can also be created from service requests with a single click. MaintScape work orders are extremely flexible:they can have any number of tasks, parts, craftsmen, and work dates.
  CMMS EquipmentEquipment

The Equipment module manages your list of assets. MaintScape distinguishes make-and-model information from equipment information, eliminating the need to maintain this information many times for identical equipment. For example, you can set up a bill of material once, and apply it to all your equipment of the same type.
  CMMS Maintenance Schedules and ProceduresMaintenance Schedules
and Procedures

Procedures are template work orders. The maintenance schedule process creates actual work orders from these procedures according to a schedule, which can either be by calendar or meter. Work orders can also be created manually from procedures. For example, you can quickly create a corrective work order complete with task description and parts and labor requirements.
  CMMS PartsParts

The Parts module manages your list of parts. You can identify one or more storage locations and vendors for parts with core functionality, and issue parts to work orders. However the parts inventory control optional module is required for MaintScape to track quantities, and the purchasing optional module is required for MaintScape to create purchase requisitions or purchase orders. The parts inventory control and purchasing optional modules are fully integrated when enabled.
  CMMS Maintenance ExplorerMaintScape

MaintScape Explorer looks and works like Microsoft Windows Explorer. The left side shows a hierarchy of your locations and parts storage locations. The right side shows the contents of the currently selected location, such as equipment, parts, and active work orders. The tree on the left can be of any depth, and the contents displayed on the right are completely configurable.
  CMMS Today's StatusToday's Status

The Today’s Status dashboard
shows you the most important MaintScape summary statistics by category. For example, work order statistics include: work orders coming due, slightly overdue work orders, very overdue work orders, and number of work orders closed in the last month. The list of statistics is completely configurable. You can double-click to drill down from any summary statistic to the actual list of items (e.g. work orders).
  CMMS StaffStaff

Staff are people who belong to your company or organization. Staff may optionally be granted logon rights to MaintScape, and may act in roles such as craftsman, maintenance supervisor, etc.
  CMMS External ResourcesExternal Resources

External resources are companies or people outside your company or organization. External resources may act in roles such as maintenance contractor, parts vendor, etc.
  CMMS ReportingReporting

MaintScape has approximately 180 built-in reports. Report results can be exported to external files such as Microsoft Excel. You can create custom reports against the MaintScape database using any major reporting tool such as Microsoft Access or Crystal Reports. The MaintScape database structure is fully documented to help you write such reports.
  CMMS MaintScape CollectionsMaintScape

MaintScape collections are groupings of one or more MaintScape items. Items can be either objects such as particular equipment or work orders, or queries such as "John Smith's work orders for this week". The groupings can have whatever meaning you like, such as the queries you run most often, or a list of your work orders that need special attention. You can activate any collection item by double-clicking on it (e.g. view the work order, execute the query). Collections can be shared (e.g. by email) and integrate with numerous MaintScape functions.
  CMMS Sysytem AdministrationSystem Administration

System administration functions include: edit code tables, set system configuration options, configure automatic database backup schedule, view connected users, and configure sites when the multi-site optional module is enabled.
  CMMS SecuritySecurity

MaintScape access privileges are defined by security role. Security roles are then assigned to individual MaintScape users.